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The MSPW provides advice, resources and professional learning to teachers to help enrich the mathematical experience of students and promote the continued study of mathematics. We also carry out action research in partnership with teachers. We are committed to supporting schools and colleges and have been delivering professional learning since 2014. We have supported hundreds of teachers from schools/colleges across Wales. Whilst our Professional Learning (PL) focusses mainly (though not exclusively) on KS5 in terms of content, all courses also aim to develop effective pedagogy and supports the Curriculum for Wales in this.

The MSPW has developed an extensive range of resources that we are very happy to share with teachers. Registration also gives free single user teacher access to the Integral Further Maths resources (Integral). The resources include materials to support the teaching and learning of A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, most topics in the Additional Mathematics Level 2 certificate and STEP examinations.

Registration also gives access to our range of free training opportunities including one-day workshops, on-line sessions, topic/module specific sessions, in-school options as well as longer courses. See Professional Learning opportunities below.

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Local Support

Area Coordinators

You will have an Area Coordinator (AC) for your part of Wales. There are also a Lead members of the team for Professional Learning, Resources etc. Their details are here. You can contact the PL Lead or your local AC to discuss your PL needs.

Curriculum Support

Professional Learning Courses

The MSPW are offering Professional Learning for GCSE Higher Tier, Additional Maths Level 2 and all A-level Modules via an On Demand service. This new approach is a flexible, online study option for teachers.

MSPW are also offering Professional Learning for all six Further Maths units over two academic years. In 2023 to 2024, the FMSPW will provide online and face-to-face Professional Learning for FMU1, FMU5 and FMU6, across the whole academic year. In 2024 to 2025 FMU2, FMU3 and FMU4 will be offered in the same format.

The MSPW also offer a wide range of short Professional Learning courses for Geogebra and DESMOS, along with our pedagogy workshops.

Our Materials
  • A fully resourced Scheme of Work for Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-levels
  • Mathematics AS Flipped Classroom Videos
  • Mathematics AS Exam Question Revision Videos
  • AS Mathematics Reinforcement
  • Mathematics A2 Flipped Classroom Videos
  • Mathematics A2 Exam Question Revision Videos
  • Further Mathematics AS Flipped Classroom Videos
  • Further Mathematics AS Revision Videos
  • Further Mathematics A2 Flipped Classroom Videos
  • Further Mathematics A2 Revision Videos
  • Various Transition and Enrichment video series
  • Access to Integral Resources for Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-levels

For Curriculum Support Materials go to our Curriculum Support page.

Latest Professional Learning Events

Flipped Classroom Approach PL - A course on Implementing the Flipped Classroom Approach
Professional Learning 2023/24 - Professional Learning courses
Additional Mathematics Level 2 Professional Learning ON DEMAND course - Additional Maths Professional Learning Course
A-level Maths Professional Learning ON DEMAND course - A-level Maths Professional Learning course
Further Maths Unit 2 Professional Learning - FMU2 Professional Learning course
Further Maths Unit 6 Professional Learning - FMU6 Professional Learning Course
Further Maths Unit 4 Professional Learning - FMU4 Professional Learning course
Further Maths Unit 3 Professional Learning - FMU3 Professional Learning course
Geogebra Mechanics Level 1: A-level Maths - Geogebra as a tool for teaching A-level Maths Mechanics (MU2/4)

Case Studies

Radyr Comprehensive School “I have gained confidence and will be able to teach Further Maths Unit 2 next year, which helps Radyr Comprehensive School continue to offer Further Maths…” Read more … 

Ysgol Penglais “I really enjoyed using the self-study resources. I was able to work at my own pace.” Read more … 

Monmouth Comprehensive School “The teachers enjoyed this format of Professional Learning. They found having the slides and resources before the directed support session very useful.” Read more … 

Emma Pugh Porthcawl Comprehensive School “We have had bespoke training on topics that we have requested and we have been able to train up all our staff.” Read more … 

Gwenallt Jones Ysgold Bro Teifi “I feel confident in teaching the statistics units and gaining the resources required to teach the syllabus and whole content.” Read more … 

Clare Power Bishop Vaughan Roman Catholic School “The course was good for meeting other teachers and certainly got my brain working on the more difficult Further Maths topics.” Read more … 

Helen Hayes Bryn Elian High School “Excellent course, it covered the whole syllabus of FP1 and I feel much more confident now with explanations and reasoning behind methods. ”Read more … 

Laura Makarek Caldicot School “It gives you the opportunity to learn new techniques not only from the tutor but from the other teachers on the course. It has given me confidence to deliver FP1.” Read more … 

Stuart Ball Caerleon Comprehensive School “I have a much deeper knowledge of the course and feel confident to tackle many topics from several different approaches.” Read more … 

Past | Professional Learning Events
Further Maths Unit 5 Professional Learning - Further Maths Unit 5 Professional Leanring
Geogebra Level 1: GCSE - Geogebra as a tool for teaching GCSE Maths
Geogebra Level 2: A-level - Geogebra as a tool for teaching A-level Maths (MU3)
The Teaching Statistics Trust Lecture 2022-23 - Free Statistics CPD opportunity
Further Maths Proof Workshop - Deduction, induction, contradiction, and probably exhaustion!
2021-2022 Teaching Statistics Trust Lecture - We are living in an increasingly data-centric world, where it is essential for everyone to have a statistical awareness and build upon their statistical senses....