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Additional Maths + Desmos Classroom - Are you about to start teaching Additional Maths?
Maths is your future - One day Maths Conference at Bangor University
Full Set of Flipped Videos! - FMSPW have now completed the promised complete set of Flipped Videos for Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level.
Volunteers needed for PL Opportunity - Our initial aim is to produce a number of questions for WJEC Mathematics A-Level
Professional Learning Update 2021-22 - Colleagues… We have been busy putting together a programme of professional learning to support teachers of AS and A level mathematics and further mathematics for the next academic year. Details… Read More »Professional Learning Update 2021-22
Further Maths Taster Session - Why study A Level Further Maths.
Proof Workshop - Deduction, induction, contradiction, and probably exhaustion!
ICMT 2021 - Following our very successful inaugural Conference in July 2019...
DESMOS Course - Learn how to use DESMOS and produce your own resources for students
STEP preparation 2020/21 - Powerful problem solving