WhatA course on Implementing the Flipped Classroom Approach (FCA)
WhenJune – December 2024 Dates below.
To bookfmspwales@swansea.ac.uk

More information

 We are offering a hybrid course for teachers wanting to explore implementing the FCA. The course will look at the theory, practice, reality and development of the FCA with a clear focus on practicability. The course will also introduce participants to the MSPW Flipped Video Resources – Powerpoints, Videos and Gapped Notes as well as referencing a range of other great resources.
The first online session will prepare participants to be ready to start using the FCA in their practice, aiming for introduction in September. The second online session will allow for reflection and sharing of practice some weeks after commencing. There will also be a drop-in session towards the end of the winter term for further reflection and sharing.

The on-demand aspects of the course will look at Research, and possible further development of the FCA towards the Flipped Learning Approach. This will involve flexible, online study, using a variety of learning constructs such as tutor-led lecture videos and work pack resources to build up your skills and cement your understanding. You will be enrolled to a monitored Microsoft Teams channel where full instructions will guide you through the course at your own pace. There is opportunity in the Teams channel to collaborate with others doing the course and a forum for discussion.
In addition to the timetabled sessions, the tutor will be available for support both via email and online calls.

To encourage active participation in the course, a programme of certification has been introduced: certificates will be issued to participants who complete the course and demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and their application. This will be explained in the Teams channel. 

Feedback from previous course:

I really enjoyed this course and it was so nice to see that others were having the same problems but by the end we were all teaching classes that were engaged with it and we were all finding that we could do more of the harder questions in class which is what the students enjoyed as they could help each other and they could ask me for help rather than working on them alone at home.
• It was also a good idea getting the pupils to explain what they thought the flipped learning was all about at the beginning of the term, this way they knew what to expect for the rest of the year. 
• I have already shared how good I think the idea is [with colleagues] and how it has worked for my class. 

On-demand study
Materials and tasks will be provided. Available from June 2024

Online sessions Thursday 4th July
Session 1            15:30-17:00
Session 1 alt. 18:30-20:00

Online session: Wednesday 23rd October
Session 2           15:30-17:00
Session 2 alt. 18:30-20:00

Drop-in session (optional): Wednesday 4th December
Session 3           15:30-17:00
Session 3 alt. 18:30-20:00