Tuition available through the FMSPW

Further Mathematics is an A-level course valuable to all students planning to study Maths related degrees including Science, Engineering, Technology and Computer Science. It can be taken as a full A-level course over two years alongside the standard A-level Mathematics or studied as an AS subject alongside A2 Mathematics in Year 13. Students must take (and pass) 3 modules to receive an AS qualification and another 2 modules to receive a full A-level qualification. Further Mathematics can form part of a Learning Programme and would therefore be eligible for funding at Post 16. This includes both schools and colleges offering Further Mathematics “in house” or through the Further Maths Support Programme Wales. Information about approved qualifications is available from Qualifications in Wales (QIW)

The FMSPW supports state-funded schools and colleges in all counties/regions of Wales by providing tuition for students who would benefit from studying AS/A level Further Mathematics. When schools/colleges have difficulties staffing/timetabling Further Mathematics, or have students wishing to study applied modules which are not part of the main provision offered by the school/college, the FMSPW can provide all or part of the tuition for Further Mathematics. Schools and colleges are welcome to enquire about arranging online or face-to-face tuition in their region. A Welsh speaking tutor is available.

To advise the FMSPW of any required tuition simply contact us or you may download the following forms:

FMSPW Tuition cost and funding

A tuition fee per module per student applies to students receiving tuition for Further Mathematics through the Further Maths Support Programme Wales. Tuition fees should be paid by the learner’s host institution or the relevant Local Authority and not the student. Further Maths can attract funding in exactly the same way as AS/A2 qualifications offered “in house”. As mentioned above, students must take (and pass) 3 modules to receive an AS qualification and another 2 modules to receive a full A-Level qualification. You can enrol students to study with the FMSPW for one or more modules depending on whether you can provide some of the modules “in house”.

Tuition Modules on offer

FM Unit 1; FM Unit 2; FM Unit 3; FM Unit 4; FM Unit 5; FM Unit 6.

Examination boards covered – WJEC – for other exam boards please contact us directly.

Tuition start dates

Autumn term tuition starts in October. Spring term tuition starts in January or February. Later or earlier start may be available depending on your circumstances.

Where will tuition take place?

Tuition will be provided through real-time online tutorials and teaching lessons for Further Mathematics. Students log into the online classroom and can interact with FMSPW tutor during the lessons. The lessons are followed up with additional exercises and support from the tutor. Students have access to extensive, purpose-written online resources.

Who will provide students with books and study materials?

Textbooks and study materials will be provided by the FMSPW. Students will also receive free access to on-line Integral resources.

Is there a minimum number of students needed to be enrolled per school?

No, schools and colleges can enrol as many students as they need.

Is there a minimum number of modules each student should enrol for?

Students must take 3 modules to receive an AS qualification and another 2 modules to receive a full A-level qualification. Schools and colleges can enrol students to study with the FMSPW for one or more modules depending on whether they can provide some of the modules “in house”.

Student Feedback and Case Studies

Through studying Further Maths I’ve been able to develop my critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills

Isabella Carter, Archbishop McGarth Catholic High School

I would advise everyone to definitely take Further Maths for a Maths heavy degree like engineering, computer science, it will give you an advantage

Inyoung Baek, Clare College – University of Cambridge

Feedback from students and schools has been very positive with some students achieving 100% in Further Maths modules. Joseph McCambridge, one of the students who studied a Further Mathematics module online commented: 

“I really enjoyed the course as I find Maths a very interesting subject and was very glad that I was able to learn more complicated Mathematics from this course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of taking maths on at University.”

Joseph McCambridge

“As a school we are very grateful to the FMSPW for the work they have been doing with our students in enabling them to study maths at a further level. The teaching, support and revision work have been very useful and proved successful with an A grade in FP1”,  

Head of Mathematics, Gowerton Comprehensive.

For more case studies from individual students and school please see Case Studies.

What extra support is available?

All students from state-funded schools and colleges in Wales are welcome to attend face-to-face Study Days and Revision sessions organised by the FMSPW throughout the year. Study Days are four hour sessions that cover selected Further Mathematics topics in depth. Revision sessions are three hour sessions to prepare students for exams. Sessions typically take place in Bangor University, Cardiff University, Swansea, Aberystwyth, Wrexham Universities and other locations across Wales. These sessions are based on WJEC materials. Extra online revision materials and videos are available for students.

To arrange tuition with the FMSPW please contact Hayley Owen Email for more information.