ICMT 2022 Conference

WhatInnovation and Creativity in Mathematics Teaching
WhoTeachers of Mathematics
When8th July 2022 08:30-13:10
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The Further Mathematics Support Programme Wales is pleased to announce our third conference for Mathematics teachers from schools and colleges in Wales.

Keynote Sessions:

Ben Sparks – The Creation of Number

You’ve probably heard of Ben Sparks. A maths teacher for 10 years he now gives maths talks and workshops around the world, to students, teachers, and the general public. He also makes videos for the fabulous YouTube channel Numberphile.

Colin Wright – Mobius Strip Practical

Colin has an Erdos number of 2, plays the Game Of Go (badly), piano (worse) and can juggle and unicycle in addition to having a Ph.D. from Cambridge in Combinatorics and Graph Theory. He is also one of a number of mathematicians who developed notation for and hence mathematics of juggling. Colin is well-known in the mathematics communication community giving many mathematics talks in schools around the country.

Session include:

  • Mobius Strip practical
  • The Etymology of Mathematical Terms
  • Geometry problem solving
  • Graphing Tech for deeper understanding
  • Maths Clubs

We are including time for networking, exchanging ideas and jollity. We want to retain at least a flavour of the social & informal swapping of ideas that characterises a good Conference and so will be using a platform that allows for mingling and chatting in between sessions and allowing some time for that.

FREE to teachers from state schools in Wales.