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Mathematics is the only A-level subject which offers two A Level qualifications – Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Further Mathematics is an AS/A Level course and is designed to be learnt alongside Maths in Year 12, but can be taken as an AS Level in Year 13. The full A Level in Further Maths is made up of 5 modules including pure and applied topics.

Further Maths qualifications are highly regarded and are warmly welcomed by universities and develop many transferable skills sought by employers.  More information can be found on our drop down tabs about what Further Maths is, its benefits, how it is studied and HE and Careers opportunities. You can read our Parents’ Leaflet here.

Parents and teachers are welcome to attend any events, below are listed general events which introduce Further Maths and problem solving which may be of interest, all student events including curriculum based topic workshops can be found here. For more information and general enquires please email

Further Maths and Additional Maths Revision Sessions! - WhatFMSPW are pleased to be able to offer a series of free revision sessions for A Level Further Maths and Additional Maths students.  We are offering classes to reinforce the subject knowledge.  We will be carrying out live online sessions for 2 hours on Saturday mornings starting at 10am and followed by 30 minutes of… Read More »Further Maths and Additional Maths Revision Sessions!
International π Day - Celebrating π Day …. William Jones 1674-1749 was the mathematician who coined the symbol π. Born in Anglesey, he introduced the sign π to represent the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. For more information on Welsh Mathematicians please visit: Welsh Mathematicians Archimedes & π See how Archimedes calculated π …… Read More »International π Day
International Women’s Day - International Women’s Day
Developing a mindset for Maths - What Here at FMSPW we are developing a series of workshops to support all students develop a mindset ready for any mathematical challenge. In particular in this series of workshops we are keen to look at some of the barriers that are often associated with female learners. These workshops are suitable for all students. Who… Read More »Developing a mindset for Maths
Gapped Notes  - Gapped Notes have been released for all of our Flipped Videos for Maths and Further Maths A-Levels.  They can be found in the Resources Area of our website and are only available via a FMSPW registered teacher.  Included are:  Gapped notes are intended to improve the comprehension of Flipped videos by allowing students to concentrate… Read More »Gapped Notes 
Further Maths Taster Session - Why study A Level Further Maths.
SUMP 2021/2022 - Start to develop your problem solving skills