Bridging to University Series

FMSP Wales are running an exciting series of pre-recorded presentations which will enable year 13 students to bridge towards studying STEM subjects at University. There is rarely time during the school teaching framework to see how differential equations can be used to model epidemics; or to investigate how Complex Numbers generate the amazing Mandelbrot set.  The present course is opportunity to link up with Higher Education to benefit from their deep knowledge of the subject and their intimate familiarity with university-level mathematics. The programme is recommended to any students considering taking a maths-rich degree in September 2022. 

Most talks are prepared by mathematics academics and a few talks consider other stem discipline where mathematics plays an important role, such as physics, computer science or engineering. Each session will be pre-recorded and approximately 30 minutes long. They will be released as per the attached booklet and each made available for a limited time. There will be an opportunity for students to ask the lecturer questions about the presentation by email, and the lecturer will release a video response to selected questions, in the second week.  

We ask teachers to collate the details of the interested students and send one application form to us:  A full programme is available to download below.

If you have students that have already registered they will receive the first video today.  There are still spaces remaining  – please return form ASAP to get immediate access to the first video

These sessions are free to all pupils in a State Funded Schools/colleges in Wales 

Any emails sent to the students will be sent to the teacher also.  We would prefer the students to use their school email address.  In line with GDPR regulations this information will only be retained for the period of this academic year (2021/2022) and then deleted.  It will not be shared outside of our FMSP Wales Team, and any emails sent will be blind copied.  Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.