GCSE Higher Mathematics Professional Learning ON DEMAND course

WhatGCSE Higher Tier Professional Learning course
WhoKS4 Teachers
WhenOn Demand
HowOn Demand
To bookfmspwales@swansea.ac.uk

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The FMSPW is pleased to offer a professional learning courses for GCSE Higher Mathematics in an On Demand format.

  1. Number
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry (Shape and Space)
  4. Statistics

This new On Demand approach is a flexible, online study option, that uses a variety of learning constructs such as tutor-led lecture videos and work pack resources to build up your skills and cement your understanding.

On Demand gives you the flexibility to study when and where you want; lunchtimes, free lessons or at home and at your own pace. There is no start or end date – that is in your hands and you can study in this manner over more than one academic year.

You will be enrolled to a monitored Microsoft Teams channel where fill instructions will guide you through the course at your own pace.

There is opportunity in the Teams channel to collaborate with others doing the course and a forum where you can discuss issues and pedagogy of the topics.

To encourage active participation in the course, a programme of certification is being introduced: certificates will be issued to participants who complete the course and demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and their teaching through a programme of short assignments at the end of each session. This is explained in the Teams channel.

We hope you enjoy the course and that it compliments and contributes to your personal development programme.

To join our On Demand course, please email fmspwales@swansea.ac.uk