Geogebra: Large Data Sets workshop

WhatGeogebra as a tool for illustrating and analysing large data sets workshop
WhoKS4 and 5 teachers
When17th July 2023

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Using data from the “Welsh Government School Census Results April 2021”, this workshop will:

  • Access data about pupil and teacher numbers in different Welsh Counties,
  • Format the data in such a way that it can be used within a Geogebra spreadsheet
  • Use Geogebra to produce statistical diagrams and analysis that might be useful in a statistical investigation.

The workshop does not require advanced knowledge of Geogebra; it is recommended that you attend the session with a device running either Classic 5 or Classic 6 versions of Geogebra.

The workshop will be delivered through Zoom on 17th July 2023 starting at 18:30 and shold last about 90 minutes.

Please register for the course no later than 5th July 2023, so that copies of the data sheets that are to be used can be sent to you in advance of the session.