Geogebra Level 1: GCSE

WhatGeogebra as a tool for teaching GCSE Maths
WhoKS4 Teachers
WhenAutumn Term 2023

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This course introduces ways in which Geogebra may be useful in the GCSE Maths classroom.

This course is suitable for GCSE teachers who are complete newcomers to the software. The course aims to give participants the skills necessary to produce simple but useful applets that will illustrate concepts from WJEC GCSE Maths.

The course will be delivered through two evening Zoom sessions, one in the first half of the Autumn Term and one in the second half of the Autumn Term. Each session will be up to 2-hours long.

Most of the sessions will be “hands-on” with the tutors explaining how Geogebra applications can be prepared and taking participants through the construction step-by-step. Participants will therefore need to have Geogebra loaded on the same computer or laptop they are using to receive the Zoom meeting. We would recommend that you download either the Classic 5 or Classic 6 version of Geogebra for these sessions.

During the sessions, participants will be asked to share their Geogebra screen during the construction process so that any difficulties may be rapidly resolved. This means it is necessary to restrict the number of participants for this course to a maximum of 6 participants. If the demand for this course is sufficient, it may be possible to deliver the course twice

Session 1 : Using Geogebra as a graphing and Motivational Tool

Session 2 : Using Geogebra to explore Geometry and Transformations

Session 1: Autumn 1st Half Term

Session 2: Autumn 2nd Half Term

The session will start at 6.30pm and last up to 2 hours.

This course will be certificated. In order to receive a Certificate of Achievement, participants will be expected to attend at least one of the sessions and complete, to a satisfactory level, an assessed task involving the design of a simple Geogebra applet and an awareness of how it might be used within the teaching programme.