Year 9 Royal Institute Masterclasses Spring 2024



I would like to invite you to nominate pupils who are more mathematically able to attend the Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses to be held in person at Swansea University.   The series of 4 classes will be on Saturdays in the Spring Term 2024 from 9:40 am to 12 noon on 24 February, 4, 11 & 19 March 2024. 

There will be about 120 places available in total to students from state funded schools.  All the places will be allocated on the basis of this one invitation and each school is guaranteed TWO places.  Each school can nominate up to five pupils you would like to attend.  The demand for places may be greater than the number available although I will try to offer a place to all pupils who are nominated.  If you nominate more than two pupils please put them in priority order so that places may be offered without contacting you.

There are links below for your nomination form, and a parental consent form for the children who are interested and in the right age band, i.e. Year 9 in 2023/2024. Please emphasise to your pupils that, whilst we aim to establish an enjoyable working atmosphere, the pupils who will derive the greatest benefit are those who are most attentive and hard working.

Please ensure that these two forms are completed and submitted before your school closes for the Christmas break.

All mathematics teachers are welcome to attend any or all of the masterclasses.  If you have any queries, please email or Hayley Owen

Yours sincerely

Sofya Lyakhova

FMSP Wales Coordinator