About to start a STEM degree?

WhatAbout to start a STEM degree?
WhoA-level graduating students
WhenJuly-Aug 2021
To bookb.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk

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FMSPW are bringing you a summer series to help give you a kick start into mathematics-rich university courses. Each week during the summer holidays (running for 9 weeks from July 3rd) we will release a video on the topics in Pure Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, Probability or Mathematical Modelling to help you prepare for university.

During the week beginning 3rd August: three 2 hour live online sessions will take place focusing on 3 key topics to give you a head start next year for a mathematics degree.

In these classes you will meet either an entirely new university style mathematics that you did not encounter it in school or will learn to look at familiar mathematics with a fresh eye.