FMSPW is committed to pedagogical and other educational research towards helping us to best support our aims.

We have undertaken research into:

  • Why students choose (or don’t choose) to study Further Mathematics
  • Curriculum reform
  • The transition to University
  • Tools to support designing a connected curriculum

    We have also undertaken action research, working with teachers in Wales into:

  • The Flipped Classroom Approach
  • Integrating Geogebra into Mathematics Education
  • Visualising Statistics and the Cycle of Enquiry

    We have published papers in Journals and Conference Proceedings – some of these are linked to in the ‘Published Research’ drop-down.

      On-going work can be seen in the ‘Current Research’ drop-down. Any teachers interested in being involved in Action Research projects should contact us at:

        Please email for further information or to express an interest in getting involved.