WhatWorkshop on Proof
WhoFor Teachers
When6th July 2021 4-5.30pm
HowLive session
To bookb.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk

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In this session we will start by having a brief look at the importance of, and research into, proof. The session aims to build on the proof session from the ICMT 2021 conference. We will look at how we develop proof from KS 3 through KS 4 to Further Mathematics A level. Within the session the main focus is on the Mathematics and Further Mathematics A levels. In particular, looking at the following.

  • proof by deduction,
  • proof by exhaustion, 
  • proof by contradiction,
  • proof by induction.

During the session there will be exemplar material taking into consideration a variety of methods that can be used to solve problems on proof. There will also be an opportunity for the participants to attempt questions and discuss the approaches used.

If you are interested in attended the Proof workshop please email b.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk