We are releasing the resources we have developed for four 1-hour maths club sessions that we piloted in three schools in 2021 and have since used in seven other schools. These sessions have been successfully used with year 7 and 8 students of all ability levels, aimed at helping students have fun with mathematics. The four sessions are:

  • flexagons
  • codes and ciphers
  • tricks
  • puzzles

The first three of these come with

  1. a Powerpoint presentation
  2. a set of teacher notes outlining the preparation needed, an example script, and ideas for adaptation and extension
  3. photocopiable resources, where needed

(The fourth session used puzzles from the Liverpool Fun Maths Roadshow, a set of 350 puzzle problems suitable for years 1 to 13, available in English and Welsh from http://livmathssoc.org.uk/FunMathsRoadshow/ for a charge. No presentation is needed and they provide instructions for using their materials.)

The resources are available here (you will need your registration password to access the resources).