Latest Press Release August 2022

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Wales is celebrating another year of success with the numbers of A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics students remaining high in 2022. According to the Joint Council for Qualifications (2022) the number of Mathematics and Further Mathematics qualifications awarded in Wales has grown since 2019:

•            A-level Mathematics numbers have increased from 3585 to 3796, a 6% increase;

•            A-level Further Mathematics numbers have increased from 550 to 615, a 12% increase.

The FMSPW is pleased that many more young people can access Further Mathematics qualifications and progress into higher education. Further Mathematics qualifications remain required or preferred for entering some degree programmes in the UK and a few universities require students to take additional and more advanced examinations in mathematics.

Katy Knoyl, who attended Ysgol Plasmawr and achieved grades A* in Mathematics and Further Mathematics and will start a Chemical Engineering degree in Imperial College London, said: “I needed to study Further Maths to get into Imperial College. Without FMSPW I wouldn’t have been able to study Further Maths. A massive thank you to everyone, especially further pure mathematics tutors who explained everything brilliantly, helped me and gave me the confidence to study Further Maths and go onto university.”

The Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, said: “I’m pleased to see positive results for Maths and further Maths this year and there remains a steady growth in comparison to results prior to the pandemic. Welsh Government funding for the Further Mathematics Support Programme is helping to deliver valuable work in fostering sustained participation and attainment in Maths among learners. “These results give us a positive baseline for mathematics performance as we move towards the implementation of the Curriculum for Wales.”