WhatInnovation and Creativity in Mathematics Teaching Conference
When26th June 2021
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Following our very successful inaugural Conference in July 2019, The Further Mathematics Support Programme Wales is pleased to announce our second one-day conference for Mathematics teachers from schools and colleges in Wales.

There will be four sessions in the day with lots of choice in each session. Sessions will be delivered by FMSPW specialists, teachers and academics. Themes are, broadly: A-level, Technology, STEAM, StatisticsEnrichment, Girls in Maths, Pedagogy

Our sessions could help teachers in implementing the new Curriculum for Wales. Some examples:

from the Curriculum for WalesSession
It also teaches the difference between conjecture, likelihood and proof.Proof: From year 8 to Further Maths
Applying mathematics requires strategic competence in the use of abstraction and modellingModelling with Perseverance
It is imperative, therefore, that mathematics and numeracy experiences are as engaging, exciting and accessible as possible for learnersOn your cycloid for an epic journey!
The win-win-win of sixth form led Primary Maths Masterclasses
A truly international discipline, it surrounds us and underpins so many aspects of our daily lives, such as architecture, art,…Fractals and Sacred Geometry
Poetry in Mathematical Lessons
The Chaos of Interdisciplinarity:  art, mathematics and teaching mathematics
mathematical activities teach learners not to be afraid of unfamiliar or complex problemsPromoting problem solving
Mathematics and numeracy can also help learners become ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world by providing them with tools to analyse data critically, enabling them to develop informed views on social, political, economic and environmental issues.We need to talk about statistics: The purpose of statistics is insight not numbers
Planetary Survival via Visual Statistics and the Cycle of Enquiry
Practitioners should consider the appropriate use of a range of digital technologies… Innovative and Creative Mathematics through Technology – Unlocking Curiosity for Deep Engagement
Designing engaging tasks in Desmos

We have Three Keynotes this year!

Dr Alison Clark-Wilson
Principal Research Associate at UCL Knowledge Lab, UCL Institute of Education
Innovative and Creative Mathematics through Technology – Unlocking Curiosity for Deep Engagement
Neil Sheldon
Former Vice President, Royal Statistical Society; Chair, The Teaching Statistics Trust
We need to talk about statistics – The purpose of statistics is insight not numbers
Dr Sofya Lyakhova
Associate Professor, Mathematics, Swansea University; FMSPW Programme Leader
The Chaos of Interdisciplinarity – Art, mathematics and teaching mathematics

We are including time for networking, exchanging ideas and jollity. We want to retain at least a flavour of the social & informal swapping of ideas that characterises a good Conference and so will be using a platform that allows for mingling and chatting in between sessions and allowing plenty of time for that.