Easter GCSE Maths Revision Session

WhatRevision session for Higher and Intermediate GCSE Maths papers
WhoGCSE Higher and Intermediate Maths students 
WhenApril 11th 2022 – Bangor University 
April 12th 2022 – Glyndŵr University 
April 12th 2022 – Swansea University 
April 13th 2022 – Cardiff University  
09:15 – 13:45 
To bookSwansea and Cardiff sessions -10 students from your school (for each paper) please email b.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk 
Bangor and Glyndŵr sessions (5 students from your school (for each paper) please email e.w.clode@bangor.ac.uk 

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Please nominate students by 21st March and return the attached parental consent forms by 8th of April

GCSE Revision Topics…
Solving equations (x on both sides, brackets, fractions, simultaneous).  
Upper and lower bounds.  
Pythagoras’ theorem.  
Sequences involving the nth term.  
Solution of quadratics and cubics.
Median and mean of a grouped frequency.  
Graph work.
Difference of two squares.  
Mensuration of shapes.  
Manipulation of surds.  
Graph work – transformations.  
3D Trigonometry.  
Calculations with upper and lower bounds.   Direct and inverse proportion.