Additional Maths Desmos Resources

WhatUpdated Additional Maths using Desmos classroom resources
WhoTeachers to use with Year 10s and Year 11s
HowComplete the form below and we will share the link with you, just like all our resources, this is free
QuestionsAny questions please email Vicky

More information

We are re-releasing our set of Desmos Classroom activities, specifically made to support students in preparing for the Level 2 Additional Maths exam.

The series of 16 resources enables students to work through the topics of the Additional Maths course with or without your guidance. We always think it’s better with your guidance, but they have been designed to for students to self study if needed!

The activities embrace the graphing and pedagogical features of Desmos to allow all who use them to see the topics in a slightly different light and with an animated dimension.

Free support is available from the FSMPW team if you would like a little help getting started with Desmos. (If you are interested in Geogebra – we can help with that too!) Please let us know the details of the group of students you are planning to share these materials with for our records and we can share with you the resources asap.