2021-2022 Teaching Statistics Trust Lecture

WhatWeapons of statistical instruction
When30th March 2022,
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“we need new ways and new ideas to help make statistics more accessible “

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We are living in an increasingly data-centric world, where it is essential for everyone to have a statistical awareness and build upon their statistical senses. The need for statistics has never been greater. With rapidly changing times, and a world saturated with data and interesting variables, we need new ways and new ideas to help make statistics more accessible for everyone. It should come as no surprise that statistics education has also experienced seismic shifts in recent years, with respect to content and teaching methods utilised. New Zealand in particular have made significant changes in relation to their statistics curriculum and pedagogies used to deliver the subject, at the primary and secondary school level. 

This talk will explore interesting ideas, present useful skills, and delve into exciting contexts, to supercharge the teaching of statistics and data science. There will be a focus on the visualisation of data, using free web-based software like iNZight, explaining how these displays can convey engaging data stories. Skills development in being able to read graphs and eyeball data, describe trends well and the value in using dynamic data displays, will also be discussed. This will then lead onto the importance of context and the need to provide engaging real-world data sets that can appeal to students. The second part of the talk will then describe how skills developed in the first part can be nurtured to enable students to craft their own interesting and engaging data stories. 

Key ideas and approaches conveyed throughout the talk will be supported with my own experiences of working with teachers and academics in New Zealand, Australia, the US and also the UK, along with relevant evidence-based research.  

Professor Rhys Christopher Jones is the Associate Dean of Education at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, at the University of Surrey. Prior to this, he was based in the Department of Statistics at the University of Auckland. Over his career he has taught a variety of subjects, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, which include statistics, quantitative methods, and mathematics for science. He has also taught a variety of science-based subjects in FE colleges, which include GCSE, BTEC, Access and A levels. His primary research contributions are in the areas of curriculum development and the role of context in statistics education. Rhys’s research interests also focus on mathematical and statistical anxiety, helping to inform strategies to engage and motivate people in these subjects.

The Teaching Statistics Trust Lecture, (teachingstatisticstrust.org.uk), is given annually at multiple locations. It is aimed at teachers of statistics, whether specialist or non-specialist, in secondary schools, colleges and early years of university.