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This page contains information for students considering applying for mathematics, science, engineering, medicine and some other degree courses. The information is also relevant to teachers who are supporting students in choosing their A level courses. In particular there is information about the mathematics requirements for STEM subjects as well as guidance and support materials to help students prepare for the mathematical demands of their chosen subject.

We recommend that students and teachers check the latest details regarding entry requirements for specific subjects on the individual university websites and in their prospectus.

Studying Further Mathematics is excellent preparation for University, especially if you wish to study any mathematics-related subject such as Engineering, Science, Computing or Technology, as well as Mathematics itself. Many universities now encourage students to take Further Mathematics qualifications to improve their mathematical preparation for degree courses. Some leading universities now specify Further Mathematics as an entry requirement for certain courses.

The Russell Group of leading UK universities published a guide to post-16 subject choices, Informed Choices. It describes Further Mathematics as a facilitating subject. In the section ‘What subjects can give me the most options’, the guide lists facilitating subjects, i.e. those that are required for university courses more often than others. These subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • English
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages (Classical and Modern)

The guide also identifies the most common essential and useful A levels requirements for 60 of the most popular university courses. Further Mathematics is listed as useful for: Actuarial Science/Studies; Aeronautical Engineering; Biochemistry; Biomedical Sciences (including Medical Science); Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Computing; Dentistry; Electrical/Electronic Engineering; Engineering (General); Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Medicine; Optometry (Ophthalmic Optics); Physics; and Veterinary Science.

In addition, Further Mathematics is listed as sometimes essential for Mathematics.

The AMSP website has some useful information on degrees and apprenticeships open to students with A/AS level Further Mathematics.

If you are intending applying for a STEM degree and have the opportunity of studying A level Further Mathematics or AS level Further Mathematics in year 13 then we recommend that you do. Having covered some of these new topics before meeting them in your first mathematics courses will give you confidence and help you succeed at university.

This Mathscareers page summarises for which degree courses A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are essential or useful preparation.