Celebrating World Maths Day 2022

Join us to celebrate World Maths Day with Prof John Tucker and Dr Colin Wright
23rd March, online, Zoom webinar 18:00-19:40

18:00 – 18:40 – Who was Robert Recorde, and what did he do? Professor John Tucker

18:40 – 19:20 – Maths in a Twist, Dr Colin Wright.

19:20 – 19:40 – Q&A hosted by FMSPW

Suitable for anyone who likes maths.

Who was Robert Recorde, and what did he do? Professor John Tucker (Swansea University)

Robert Recorde (c.1510-1558) of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, is now remembered as the man who invented the equality sign =. He did much more, of course. Recorde’s work pioneered the new role that mathematical and computational ideas and methods were beginning to play in the society and economy of Britain and Europe. The growth of data and mathematical knowledge in practical activities was a driving force in the rise of modern science. He was the most influential British mathematician of the Tudor period, and maybe Wales’ most influential (so far). 

Professor Tucker is a computer scientist whose research addresses what can and cannot be computed by people and machines. He also studies the historical development of data and computing and their influence on society. He founded the University’s History of Computing Collection and the new Swansea research group called Educational, Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Computing. Professor Tucker is also an expert on the history and heritage of science and technology in Wales. Since coming to Swansea in 1989, he has served as Head of Department of Computer Science (1994-2008), Head of School of Physical Sciences (2007-11), and Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (2011-19).

Maths in a twist! Dr Colin Wright (Solipsys Ltd) 

Many of us are introduced at some point to the Moebius Strip, that wonderfully perplexing strip with a half twist that has only one side and one edge, and which when cut in half doesn’t do what you might expect. In this workshop we don’t just stop there, but explore what happens with other possible twists and turns, and try to find some way of understanding how this works, what else is possible, and whether we can make sense of it all.

*You can enjoy this session as a talk to watch, or are welcome to cut and twist as we go along. Please make sure you have paper, scissors and sellotape ready in time for Dr Wright’s talk.*

Dr Colin Wright is co-founder of Solipsys Limited and a former President for the Liverpool Mathematical Society. Colin plays the Game Of Go, piano and can juggle and unicycle in addition to having a Ph.D. from Cambridge in Combinatorics and Graph Theory.

The event is free, but registration is compulsory. 

Children under the age of 18 must attend with a parent or guardian, only parent/guardian is required to register. The link will be sent closer to the event to all registered attendees.

WhatAn evening online event organised by FMSPW. A talk from Prof John Tucker on Robert Recorde and Maths in a Twist practical fun workshop from Dr Colin Wright
WhoGCSE and A-level/general public – anyone who likes maths!
When23rd March, online, 18:00-19:40 
HowZoom webinar 
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For further information: FMSPWales@swansea.ac.uk

This event will be delivered in English