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Several mathematics teachers have highlighted the shortage of available A-level questions, particularly in certain areas, and asked whether the FMSP Wales would coordinate the production of some more high-quality questions (similar to the production of three sets of mock A-level papers for each of the Mathematics and Further Maths units when the new syllabus came out.)

We now have team leaders for each area. Our initial aim is to produce a number of questions for WJEC Mathematics A-Level and make them available to teachers by Easter 2022 in time to be useful for preparing for the 2022 examinations. Should more volunteers come forward, we will also make questions for WJEC Further Mathematics A-Level.

The idea is that volunteers will do as much or as little as they are able. We see this as a good general professional learning and networking opportunity as well as a possible addition for your Performance Management Portfolios.

FMSPW will be coordinating the project and providing support, checking, formatting, translation and packaging as well as contributing questions if possible.

FMSPW: Dominic Oakes (Resources Lead) & Francis Hunt (Enrichment Lead)

Area                                        Team Leader

Pure/Problem Solving             Izzi Birch

Statistics                                  Erica Storey

Mechanics                               Mike Greenslade

If you would like to volunteer for this project; thoughts on areas lacking in available questions; or have any questions about the project, please email Dominic d.r.g.oakes@swansea.ac.uk

If volunteering, please specify if you have any preference for one of the areas.