Maths because you can! 

What A half day workshop session, building your love & curiosity for mathematics. We will explore some rich mathematical problems that develop on the great mathematical skills you have acquired so far. Giving you a place to explore the beauty and fun of mathematics just because you can for the first time….this session is what maths is about!  
WhoBudding mathematicians just finishing year 11 and with a love of maths (even if you are not decided on your next steps – just come along and enjoy the maths).
WhenTuesday 5th July @ Cardiff*
Tuesday 5th July @ Aberystwyth*
Wednesday 6th July @ Swansea*
Wednesday 6th July @ Bangor*
All sessions will run 9.45am till 1pm, *Exact locations/dates to be confirmed.

What is Further Maths? 

WhatA session for any student wanting to know what Further Maths is and why it’s useful. Take a look at the content, the exams and how the course is structure. It will also look at why you might need it after year 13 and why if you love maths, you might just want to study it because you can!
WhoStudents who want to know more about Further Maths AS and A2-level.
WhenWednesday 13th July 6pm 

Sharpen your maths pencils! 

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WhatDuring this day we will be thinking about A-level Maths or Further Maths! In the one-day summer school we will run a variety of sessions to help prepare you for your maths studies as you head into year 12, dust off your calculators! We will give you a taster of what to expect and re-awaken your maths brain after a summer off! We will throw in some problem solving, take a look at some STEM links and show you some more wonderful maths. This day will be an excellent way to get prepared for starting any year 12 maths course.
WhoAny students about to embark on year 12 maths or further maths!
WhenTuesday 30th August @ Swansea*
Tuesday 30th August @ Bangor*
Wednesday 31st August @ Cardiff*
Wednesday 31st August @ Aberystwyth*
All sessions will run 9.45am till 3pm, *Exact locations/dates to be confirmed.

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