STEP preparation 2020/21

WhatHelp with STEP II and III
WhoStudents who might be asked for or would like to sit STEP papers
WhenSpring Term 2021
HowA series of 6 online lectures by experienced tutors will give you an insight into strategies and approaches suitable for STEP success.

More information

STEP 2021

We are offering students across Wales the opportunity to participate in a series of six live sessions addressing the mathematical content of the Sixth Term Entry Papers (STEP) required by the University of Cambridge and frequently asked for by other universities; notably the University of Warwick. These sessions will be available via the MS Teams platform, led by members of the Senior Team, RhGMBC/FMSPW and will typically last 90 minutes. The live sessions will be recorded with the link available to all registered students to enable them to review them considering their own learning in Further Maths AS/A level. 

We recognise that as these are papers sat after students have completed their studies for AS/A, some of the content will require additional input from students and ourselves. It should be noted that despite there being no papers being sat for AS/A awards this year, the STEP series will still be held in July 2021. 

As STEP 1, based on A level mathematics content alone, is no longer being offered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing, the logical assumption is that Welsh students following this series will be entered for either AS or A level further Maths to be awarded in 2021.  

Outline programme: 

16/01                 Number/algebra STEP 2 

30/01                 Geometry STEP 2 & 3 

13/02                 Mechanics STEP 2 & 3 

27/02                 Statistics STEP 2 & 3 

13/03                 Calculus STEP 2 & 3 

27/03                 Number/algebra STEP3 

All sessions will be English medium, it is intended that there will be support for students who study through the medium of Welsh. 

Each session will require students to attempt a few questions prior to attending the live session, these will be available two weeks prior via the files tab in the MS Teams group.  Students are required to register to receive access to this series by completing the attached enrolment form and parent consent form.  This can be sent by digital signature, scan or photograph and returned to by 14/12/20.