The Integral online resources support the teaching of A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics for WJEC and other specifications. The site contains thousands of pages of resources with hundreds of interactive resources and multiple choice assessments.

Access for FMSPW students

Students who are tutored by the FMSPW have access to Integral to support them in their studies.

Free access for registered schools and colleges

Schools and colleges which register with the Further Mathematics Support Programme receive a single, staff Integral account to access resources. When registering with the FMSPW, it is agreed that the user will adhere by the terms and conditions set out below.

  • You agree that your Integral account will be used only by mathematics staff within your institution and will not be made available to students.
  • Integral resources may not be uploaded to any other website under any circumstances. This includes any site that is only accessible locally such as a school/college virtual learning environment or a school/college intranet.
  • You understand that you may use the resources to support teaching and learning within your mathematics department, including displaying resources to students and distributing hard copies of formative assessments to students.