Current Research Projects - 2020/2021

From emergency remote teaching to quality remote teaching: a case study of Covid-19 FMSPW high school mathematics outreach.

  • Case studies of FMSPW asynchronous mathematics outreach programmes during school closures
  • Analysis against international trends in Covid-19 school education, research on blended learning and FMSPW 10-year experience of offering remote courses in Further Mathematics in Wales
  • he project is ongoing, and the findings will contribute to re-cycling of the materials produced during Covid-19

    Innovation under Covid

  • Project starting early November
  • Teachers and researchers to decide foci

    Suspended Research Projects - 2019/2020

    These projects will be restarted when conditions allow

    Flipped Classroom Approaches (FCA)

  • The effect of using the FCA on student resilience
  • Opportunities for developing deeper understanding

    Integrating Geogebra into Mathematics Education

  • Initial research into teacher attitudes to use of Geogebra
  • Initial research into student attitudes to use of Geogebra

    Visualising Statistics and the Cycle of Enquiry

  • The effect of relevant topic and visualisation approach to introducing students to the data handling cycle

    Please email for further information or to express an interest in getting involved.