Introduction to Teaching A2-level Maths – Unit 3

WhatIntroduction to teaching A-level Mathematics Unit 3
WhoKS5 teachers
WhenJanuary to March 2023

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This course is intended for colleagues who teach AS-level Mathematics, and for colleagues who already teach A2 level Maths and would like a refresher on the module.

This course will give a comprehensive coverage of the Pure module of A2 Maths (Unit 3).

We will be offering Professional Learning on the applied module of A2 level Maths this academic year.

All sessions will be from 6.30 to 8pm.

Block one- Proof; Trigonometry; Coordinate Geometry and Numerical Methods

18/01/2023 – Introduction

1/02/2023- Optional Drop in to discuss the materials

15/02/2023- Plenary

Block two – Series; Differentiation and Integration

01/03/2023 – Introduction

15/03/2023 – Optional Drop in to discuss the materials

29/03/2023 – Plenary

All sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend in person

Each module of work will last 2-3 weeks.

At the beginning of the session you will receive a resource pack of study materials containing

  • explanatory powerpoints with exercises and answers
  • where appropriate, supporting geogebra or excel resources
  • an additional powerpoint containing a selection of exam style questions (without solutions).

There will be an initial zoom meeting to cover the more complex concepts of the session. The participants will then be given time to work through the resource pack. During this period, participants will have email access to the tutor.

Approximately halfway through the session there will and we hope to arrange a voluntary “drop-in” zoom meeting where you can discuss the content with other colleagues and/or the tutor.

At the end of the session there will be zoom meeting which, it is hoped, everyone will be able to attend. During this session, solutions to the powerpoint of exam style questions will be considered and there will be opportunities to discuss any difficulties that have occurred.

Sessions will be presented in English; materials will be available bilingually.