WhatGeogebra as a tool for teaching GCSE Maths
WhoKS3 and 4 Teachers
WhenSpring 2023
To bookb.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk

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This course introduces ways in which Geogebra may be useful in the GCSE Maths classroom. It should be approachable to complete newcomers to the software. The course aims to give participants the skills necessary to produce simple but useful applets that will illustrate graphical and geometric concepts.

The course will be delivered through two evening Zoom sessions, separated by a few weeks. Participants will be working with Geogebra during the sessions so they will need to have access, on the computer they are using for the session, to one of versions of Geogebra that can be downloaded (Classic 5 or Classic 6) or to the web version.

Session 1 : Geogebra as a Graphing tool

  • Introducing Geogebra
  • Producing Graphs of functions
  • Investigating gradients and the equation y=mx+c
  • Investigating graphs and equations

Session 2 : Geometry with Geogebra

  • Investigating a special quadrilateral
  • Investigating Circles
  • Transformation Geometry

This course will take place over two 2-hour afternoon/evening sessions.

Session 1: TBC

Session 2: TBC