GCSE Higher Tier Professional Learning Course

WhatGCSE Higher Tier Professional Learning Course
WhoKS3 and KS4 teachers
WhenOctober and November 2022. To be repeated in February and March 2023.
To bookb.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk

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An opportunity for teachers, for whom mathematics is perhaps not their main subject, or who have never taught GCSE Mathematics, to consider and develop approaches to promote and enhance an understanding of the topics required for exam success.

The course will consist of 4 hybrid sessions.

Each session will focus on one specific area of content, number; algebra; shape/space and handling data but will address the requirements of the new curriculum in terms of AoLE.

GCSE HigherIntroductionDrop-inFinal
NumberMon Oct 3rdWed Oct 12thWed Oct 19th
AlgebraWed Oct 26thMon Nov 7th (6-7pm)Thurs Nov 10th (7- 8.30)
GeometryMon Nov 14thWed Nov 23rdThurs Dec 1st (7- 8.30)
StatisticsMon Dec 5thWed Dec 14thMon Jan 9th 2023

To book, please contact Bethanie b.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk. When booking, please can you specify if you would like to attend the course in Autumn 2022 or Spring 2023.