WhatProfessional Learning for FMU3 (Further Mechanics)
WhoKS5 teachers
WhenOctober to December 2022
To bookb.h.denyer@swansea.ac.uk

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The course will be divided into three self-study sessions, each session will last approximately 3 weeks.

Session 1 :  Work, Power and Energy

The session includes a brief introduction to Mathematical Modelling before considering the important concepts of work, energy and power which are then applied to a range of mechanical situations including those involving elastic strings.

Session 2 :  Impulse and Momentum; Vector Mechanics

The session develops the concepts of impulse and momentum from Newton’s laws and applies them to problems involving collision of objects moving along a straight line. Vector methods are then used to expend the principles encountered so far to motion in more than one dimension.

Session 3 :  Circular Motion

This session uses the methods of session 2 to deduce the velocity and acceleration of a particle moving in a circle. Together with Newton’s law, these results enable motion in a horizontal circle with constant angular velocity to be investigated.  Vertical circular motion is also considered and makes considerable use of both Newton’s laws and the conservation of energy.

Session 1: Start- Monday October 3rd 2022. Concluding Zoom Wednesday October 26th 2022.

Session 2: Start- Thursday October 27th 2022. Concluding Zoom Wednesday 16th 2022.

Session 3: Start – Thursday November 17th 2022. Concluding Zoom Wednesday December 7th 2022.

At the beginning of the session you will receive a resource pack of study materials containing

  • explanatory powerpoints with exercises and answers
  • where appropriate, supporting geogebra or excel resources
  • an additional powerpoint containing a selection of exam-style questions (without solutions).

Participants will work their way through the study pack during the three week period. During the session you will have email access to the tutor and their will be a voluntary “drop-in” zoom meeting roughly half way through the period, where you can discuss the content with other colleagues and the tutor.

At the end of the session there will be zoom meeting which, it is hoped, everyone will be able to attend. The session will consider the solutions of the exam-style questions and give the opportunity to suggest and discuss teaching approaches. It is hoped that all participants will have worked through a good number of the exam-style questions in advance of this session.