Useful Links

Please find below some of the websites we really like, either because they are incredibly useful or extremely interesting! If you have any more websites you’d like to recommend to us, please email us. 

WJEC – Specs  
Underground maths 
Mathemateg (some resources in English) 
Geogebra Download  
Desmos link  
Problem Solving
and the useful map from secondary curriculum topics to their resources: 
UKMT – the maths education charity promoting a love of problem solving 
University Admission
STEP – Cambridge’s Maths Sixth Term Entry Paper, and their free online support programme  
MAT – Oxford and Imperial’s Mathematics Admissions Test 
TMUA – The Test of Mathematics for University Admission 
Thinking about maths problems in real time
Interesting/Extra Curricular 
Three Blue One Brown 
Beautiful visualisations and explanations of advanced mathematics topics 
Solicitor praises maths 
Maths Movies… 
Colors of Math  
The Importance of Mathematics