All the things FMSPW are bringing you for students….

Careers in Maths Talks - Students at school naturally ask “Why study maths?”. These talks give a good answer, showcasing many varied, interesting and well-rewarded careers that use maths:if you want to mitigate climate change,… Read More »Careers in Maths Talks
Problem Solving & STEP - The FMSPW are running two online courses on problem solving aimed at students aspiring to study STEM related subjects at top universities. Problem solving, the ability to tackle problems for… Read More »Problem Solving & STEP
Further Maths Taster Session - Why study A Level Further Maths.
Introduction to the MAT exam - Introduction to the MAT exam
SUMP 2021/2022 - Start to develop your problem solving skills
About to start a STEM degree? - Stay one step ahead and prepare for uni.
Introduction to STEP, MAT and Problem Solving - An online introduction to STEP, MAT and Solving Unusual Maths Problems
Tuition 2021/22 - Broadens mathematical skills and promotes deeper mathematical thinking
Yr 11 Summer School - Year 11 thinking about Maths in Year 12
MAT preparation course - These are aimed at current Y12 students who intend to sit the test in November 2021.