Flipped Classroom Approach

Published BSLRM papers

  • Exploring teachers' use of time gained due to the use of a flipped classroom approach in Mathematics
  • A in-depth look at students' experiences of, and thoughts about, Flipped Classrooms in mathematics
  • Exploring teachers' and students' responses to the use of a flipped classroom teacher approach in Mathematics
  • Flipped learning: A teacher's perspective
    • Active Research Projects - 2019/2020

      Flipped Classroom Approaches (FCA)

    • The effect of using the FCA on student resilience
    • Opportunities for developing deeper understanding
      • Integrating Geogebra into Mathematics Education

      • Initial research into teacher attitudes to use of Geogebra
      • Initial research into student attitudes to use of Geogebra
        • Visualising Statistics and the Cycle of Enquiry

        • The effect of relevant topic and visualisation approach to introducing students to the data handling cycle

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