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Mathematics is the only A-level subject which offers two A Level qualifications – Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Further Mathematics is an AS/A Level course and is designed to be learnt alongside Maths in Year 12, but can be taken as an AS Level in Year 13. The full A Level in Further Maths is made up of 5 modules including pure and applied topics.

Further Maths qualifications are highly regarded and are warmly welcomed by universities and develop many transferable skills sought by employers.  More information can be found on our drop down tabs about what Further Maths is, its benefits, how it is studied and HE and Careers opportunities. You can read our Parents’ Leaflet here.

Parents and teachers are welcome to attend any events, below are listed general events which introduce Further Maths and problem solving which may be of interest, all student events including curriculum based topic workshops can be found here. For more information and general enquires please email

Additional Maths Summer Revision - WhatTwo online sessions to help with the final revision push for the Level 2 Additional Maths exam. There will be both an English and Welsh version of the session running at the same time.WhoAny year 10 or year 11s sitting L2 Add MathsWhenSession 1: Sat 11th June – 10:00 to 12:00 Session 2:  Monday 20th June – 16:30… Read More »Additional Maths Summer Revision
Year 11! What’s next? - Maths because you can!  What A half day workshop session, building your love & curiosity for mathematics. We will explore some rich mathematical problems that develop on the great mathematical skills you have acquired so far. Giving you a place to explore the beauty and fun of mathematics just because you can for the first… Read More »Year 11! What’s next?
GCSE Exam Question Revision Videos Jun 18 - Click on the playlist button below to see all the videos.
Further Maths Taster Session - Why study A Level Further Maths.
SUMP 2021/2022 - Start to develop your problem solving skills